Aspart-X The Line-X Residential Applications

Coat your garage floor, basement, stairs with the best

Patio furniture, railings, dog houses, fencing,  gates, sound systems

ASPART-X™ IC-320 is the latest innovation from LINE-X® Protective Coatings.

A ZERO VOC, aliphatic polyurea, ASPART-X provides superior U/V stability with excellent color and gloss retention. It is a versatile coatings solution with virtually limitless possibilities. From residential decks, patios, garage/basement floors - or commercial & industrial applications - ASPART-X provides unsurpassed performance. In Combination with other products in the LINE-X family, ASPART-X creates a tough, durable, U/V stable topcoat. No matter what your needs, your ASPART-X application will protect your investment for years to come.

Bathrooms, Garage floors, Dog Runs & Kennels, Wheelchair Ramps, Stairs, Swingset
speaker boxes, Fences, Decks, Foundation, Patios, Porches, walkways, Basements