Applications Line-X Commercial Coating Solutions

Commercial / Specialty Vehicles

LINE-X® industrial coatings are designed to create an impenetrable barrier between valuable equipment and nature’s or man’s harshest elements. Laboratory tests demonstrate excellent levels of abrasion and impact resistance under just about any severe-use conditions. LINE-X coatings can be sprayed onto virtually any type of equipment or substrate, regardless of shape or size. LINE-X formulations also provide the highest level of skid resistance and vibration and sound attenuation.

Ideal for any commercial or specialty vehicles including work trucks, fire trucks, tanks, trailers, tractors, and almost any heavy-duty vehicle.

Tanker Line-X protection


LINE-X® industrial coatings can be sprayed onto virtually any type of equipment or substrate, regardless of shape or size. Construction applications include aggregates, floors, heavy equipment, material handling and more!

LINE-X formulations have excellent impact and abrasion resistance and provide the highest level of skid resistance and vibration and sound attenuation. The protective linings are designed to flex and expand with the substrate making them ideal for any construction application.

LINE-X® industrial coatings are the perfect solution for situations where primary (full-time immersion) and secondary containment (temporary splash and spillage) systems and structures are required for proper overflow management or spill protection. Superior levels of resistance to most chemicals make LINE-X industrial coatings suitable for chemical, oil and fuel spill containment and prevention.
With a thickness applied to your specifications, LINE-X industrial coatings form a strong barrier to prevent hazardous liquids from leaking into the surrounding environment – creating lasting damage, costly cleanups and production interruptions. Containment – Primary and Secondary.

LINE-X industrial coatings are ideal for secondary containment applications, providing an additional layer of environmental protection wherever petroleum products or chemicals are stored.

LINE-X meets EPA SPCC requirements


LINE-X® industrial coatings provide safe, anti-slip surfaces for any work environment, whether it is in a rural agricultural setting or on the factory floor. Application areas include concrete floorings, stairwells, ramps, catwalks and other elevated structures. These anti-skid surfaces have been shown to reduce employee injuries from slips and falls, and can also help reduce injuries among valuable livestock.

In addition, the sound deadening and vibration damping characteristics of a LINE-X industrial coatings application on machinery, walls and other structures can provide a quieter work environment throughout many large manufacturing operations. In many cases, decibel reduction can greatly impact the productivity in many types of industries.

ASPART-X™ IC-320 is the latest innovation from LINE-X® Protective Coatings. A ZERO VOC, aliphatic polyurea, ASPART-X provides superior U/V stability with excellent colour and gloss retention. It is a versatile coatings solution with virtually limitless possibilities. From residential decks, patios, garage/basement floors – or commercial & industrial applications – ASPART-X provides unsurpassed performance. In Combination with other products in the LINE-X family, ASPART-X creates a tough, durable, U/V stable topcoat. No matter what your needs, your ASPART-X application will protect your investment for years to come.

LINE-X flooring protection


IC-320 Flooring Colours:

ASPART-X™ is available in solid tan, gray, white, black and clear, as well as a wide variety of colour chip combinations. Custom colours can be special ordered to your specification for a wide range of flooring, decking, and industrial applications.
Optional Non-Skid Finishes Are Also Available:
NS-75 or NS-100 are recommended for most flooring and decking applications for adequate traction and easy to clean surface. For a more aggressive non-skid surface, NS-50 or NS-20 is recommended.
IC-320 Topcoat Colours:
ASPART-X is available in tan, gray, white, black and clear. Custom colours can be special-ordered to your specification for a wide range of coatings and topcoat applications. Ask your LINE-X Professional for additional details.
Optional Non-Skid Finishes Are Also Available:
NS-75 or NS-100 are recommended for most common applications and provides adequate traction and an easy to clean surface. For a more aggressive non-skid surface, NS-50 or NS-20 is recommended


LINE-X® industrial coatings can stand up to the punishing conditions of marine and naval applications, decks, docks, walkways, pilings, personal watercraft, in cargo and fishing holds. The incredible versatility, flexibility and textured qualities of LINE-X industrial coatings reduce surface slippage and safeguard against abrasion and impact. LINE-X stands up against harsh weather elements and will not crack, peel, split or warp, and will prevent rust and corrosion due to its airtight and watertight seal. Moreover, LINE-X industrial coatings come in an array of colours to match any boat or surface.

Material Handling

LINE-X® industrial coatings provide a cushion to precious cargo preventing damage from shifting during transit. Current material handling applications include, but are not limited to commercial vehicles, ambulance/fire/EMS vehicles, heavy equipment transporters, mass transit, railroad cars, trailers and wheeled vehicles.


LINE-X® industrial coatings are revolutionizing the mining industry by meeting several requirements of the Mine, Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) for mining applications.

In August 2008, LINE-X met the requirements of the MSHA Standard Application Procedures for Sealants Applied to Underground Ventilation Controls (ASAP 5005). Failing sealant materials have been an ongoing concern for the mining industry for years. These seals are designed to stop the methane gasses from escaping into working areas, mixing with oxygen and becoming combustible; thus causing a huge threat to mining company employees. Recognizing this threat and the need for a superior sealant material, LINE-X designed XS-252 with both the physical and the fire retardant properties to satisfy MSHA underground ventilation controls requirements. LINE-X XS-252 is a spray-on lining product that forms a monolithic membrane to minimize the effluent gaseous migration into the working areas therefore protecting mining company employees.

LINE-X marine equipment protection

MSHA has also accepted LINE-X XS-252 for the Standard Application Procedures for Acceptance of Flame-Resistance Solid Products Taken into Mines (MSHA IC-249). While molded or cast polyurethane coatings have long been the standard for the mining industry, LINE-X XS-252 was the first and only in its category to receive this suitability.

Designed to protect against abrasion, corrosion and impact, LINE-X XS-252 also has exceptional flame retardant properties that are ideal during the event of a fire. The high performance elastomeric polyurethane product can be applied to any type of underground equipment, regardless of shape or size. Plus, XS-252 has the potential for use in combination with mining equipment manufacturers to protect and extend the useful life of equipment, providing companies with added uptime and lower maintenance costs.

Prior to the MSHA certification, LINE-X XS-252 met and exceeded the specifications for British Flame Spread Standard BS 476 (Part 7), method for classification of the surface spread of flame of products, when tested by Bodycote, an independent material testing company; thus, satisfying the requirements for a Class 1 rating per BS 476 (part 7). LINE-X XS-252 also tested per ASTM E-162 “Surface Flammability of Materials Using a Radiant Heat Energy Source”. LINE-X XS-252 exhibited an impressive flame spread index of 20. This is extremely difficult and considered the most challenging flame spread test in the industry. For complete product information or test results, please contact Dustin Le, Director of Product Technology and Development at (714) 850.8758.


Due to the excellent chemical resistance of SE-500, LINE-X® has performed many applications in the plating industry. Primary and secondary containment are the most common applications. Due to airborne chemical attack, XS-350 is a terrific alternative to protect the exterior of holding tanks and facility infrastructure from chemical corrosion.

Water / Wastewater

LINE-X® industrial coatings provide excellent stability for immersion applications and chemical resistance. LINE-X coatings can be sprayed on virtually any properly prepared surface offering excellent corrosion protection. Current applications include, but are not limited to wastewater treatment facilities, wastewater sludge bins, steel-holding tanks, potable water tanks and other containment tanks.