Linex Industrial Coating Applications

Our proprietary products are perfect for protecting just about anything that you care to protect.

Here is a list of just a few of the items that LINE-X can help protect.


Boat hulls, decks & cargo holds, boat trailers, fenders & steps, oar tips, ladders, vents, ducts, grating & doors, buoys, personal watercraft, ATVs, motorcycle


Horse & livestock trailers, fertilizer handling & transport equipment, silos, farm equipment


Signage, work tables, tanks, pumps, ladders, props, decorative store fronts, trade show booths, cabinets, park and golf course equipment, concert equipment


Pipe coatings, dump trucks, wall mounts, storage equipment


You build it, LINE-X can protect it.. reinforce it…enhance it...

marine decks, boat decks, waterproofing, concrete water stowage tanks

containers, food services, offshore oils rigs (CIP tanks – Laydown area)

factories, closed cell foam floats, power plants, mines

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