Line-x Automotive Protection - vs others

Nothing else can
stand up to the
daily wear and
tear you put your
vehicle through

As a leading provider of spray-on protective coating, we offer truck bed coating & floor coating to protect your truck from rust & corrosion.

VS Others Tear Strength TestVS Others outside testingLine-x vs others hardnessLine-x vs others elasticityVS Others outside testingLine-x vs others abrasion

Line-x VS Others

LINE-X chemists, using our state-of-the-art laboratory, are continually developing ultra-durable coatings designed for extreme impact, corrosion and abrasion conditions in hundreds of commercial and industrial situations. Those technologies are also used to provide the toughest protection for any surface that may need protecting — your truck bed, rocker panel, truck cover, fenders, bumpers, etc.